Thursday, February 13, 2014

our simple valentine's day

remember when? life without kids? i do, and i miss it! i wouldn't trade it for the world now. however, life before kids was just plain simple. valentine's day ALWAYS makes me think of our first official date as boyfriend and girlfriend--which was on valentine's day, 2006. this year marks 8 years since our first date. it actually wasn't just the two of us, but a group of college friends all going to olive garden together. but it was special to me because micah was 'officially' mine :) here are a few pics from that night! 

i think this may be our first official boyfriend/girlfriend picture 

the card inside my purse was my first of many handmade cards from micah

so lets fast-forward EIGHT whole years. so here we are, two kids--and another on the way. our lives are nothing short of BUSY! at the end of each hectic day, i'm so thankful for our many blessings and little hooligans we have! we never make valentine's day a huge production, and this year it'll pretty much be the same. i always buy micah little things he likes or needs and always some candy.  this year was about the same. but i did think that maybe i'd do a little fun DIY gift for him as well, and a little something special for the boys. tag, especially will enjoy his gift!

last night i went through my craft drawer, and pulled out some candle jars to clean out and re-use.  this is how i decide to use them:

date night in ideas & i love you because..
both ideas pulled from pinterest

                                        i used chalkboard tags for the outside of the jars

and here's my simple valentine for micah--new jar for his  keurig stash, his favorite k-cups, and some of his favorite candy. and my DIY gift 

 instead of spending $ on junk for the boys, i thought i'd get them something they love. they both LOVE  smoothies and hot chocolate from our favorite coffee shop. so it was $10 well spent! i'll throw in some candy for good measure :) 

 i always make a special meal and dessert for valentine's day, too. even though our years without kids are long gone, i wouldn't trade them for the world! happy valentine's day!


  1. Really touching Rebecca. The jar idea was really thoughtful and sweet. I love you. Mom

  2. So sweet, Becca! I don't know if you know this, but I wanted to share in case: did you know you can purchase "My k-cup"s? That way, you can buy any bag of coffee and just scoop it into the filter for a single cup. We had a Keurig for a few years, and that blew my mind when a kind barista shared that with me.