Friday, February 21, 2014

4 years ago today..

4 years ago today was a sunday. a normal sunday for micah and i. get up, get ready, church, rest, and going out with some friends to end the evening. we went to chipotle, did some shopping, and ended the day with coffee.  going home that evening, i felt like i had overdid it. i remember laying in the tub with my feet up, and seeing spots, feeling just "off". did i forget to mention i was 38 weeks, 1 day pregnant? oh, yeah. that, too. little did i know, after waking up the next morning, our lives would be changed forever--in a wonderful way.

the next day as micah was off to work, i was sitting at home, thinking about doing some crafting to pass the time. i got out my paints and some canvases to paint. after awhile, i just wasn't feeling quite right. even though my blood pressure had been normal my whole pregnancy, something was telling me to check it. i borrowed a wrist blood pressure reader from micah's parent's and thought, i'd check it just in case. i don't remember the numbers, but remembered thinking it was broken because the numbers reading back to me were WAY too high. i called micah's mom to make sure it was working correctly, and she reassured me it was accurate. so i took it again, and there were those crazy numbers again. i decided to call my dr. office and ask them. being my first child, looking back--i can only laugh. but the nurse told me to come in right away. i didn't really think much of it, so i grabbed my purse (the wrong one--only had a tube of lip gloss in it). no wallet, no ID, just my phone, and a tube of lip gloss. i called micah on my way to the hospital letting him know i was going to to be monitored for awhile. i show up at the hospital and wait...and wait..and wait. finally the nurse called me back and took my blood pressure. the numbers were still really high. she told me to lay on my side for 5 minutes, and she would come back to check. 5 minutes later and still pretty high. then in walks my OB and mumbles something about "having this baby tonight" and walked back out. i sat there thinking, "wait, what? huh? i'm so confused." another nurse comes in and says, "ok, you ready to head down to OB? guess you didn't think you'd have this baby tonight, huh?" my mouth literally dropped and i said, "wait, i'm having my baby right now?" she said, "yep--gotta get you prepped for a c-section." all i could do was say--"i have to call my husband! he has no clue!" it seemed like forever until micah got there--but he finally did. and then everything was in fast-forward. the only thing i really remember is shaking terribly. and the sweet nurse gently rubbing my face and telling me everything would be ok." then they were telling us that we would hear our sweet baby crying within 15 minutes. all i could do was look at micah and the clock. literally 5 minutes in and i heard that first cry. i think my first thoght was, "that wasn't 15 minutes!" then all the nurses saying it was a beautiful baby boy. i looked over at that baby being cleaned off and didn't take my eyes off of him. they brought him over, and put him right next to my face. i couldn't stop crying. i could not wait to hold my sweet baby boy. sometimes it seems like yesterday.

i never knew that kind of love until monday, february 22, 2010. one of the absolute best days of my life! it literally seems like it was yesterday, and not 4 years ago! so happy birthday to our sweet tag! you have forever changed our lives in the most amazing way. you have taught me so much. how to be selfless, that how i physically look after a baby doesn't matter, patience, and the list goes on and on. 

holy cow, i was SO swollen! 
and love the picture of micah bringing tag to me for the first time :) 
seeing my baby for the first time! 

loved his pouty face--he's still got it!                          going home! all 5lbs, 14 oz of him!

newborn stuff was so big on him, and he was able to wear preemie onesies for a couple weeks!


19 months!




happy birthday, tag!!

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  1. Special little boy. That one baby pic, he has those eyebrows raised...that expression that is only his. I remember getting the phone call and you saying "can you start driving". I still had a suitcase pretty much packed from getting home from somewhere. Called work and drove, looking forward to the phone calls from you, Micah, Lori. Lori was great, holding the phone by Tag and making sure I knew all that was going on and could hear Tag after he was born. I think I got there about 3 a.m. your time and came to the hospital right away and you had kept him in the room with you. What a surreal moment. I went on down the street to stay with Pat and Cal for the night.