Tuesday, September 2, 2014

so have you heard all the rage about these "younique lashes"?  my first thought when i had seen people post photos wearing them was, "I NEED THOSE!!" i've never been the type to wear a lot of make-up. my go-to "face" was just a simple swipe of lip gloss and some mascara. but i could never achieve those long lashes--mostly because i wasn't born with them! sometimes if i curled enough and the mascara was just right that day, they'd look great. but that was like once a year...

but then i was given some to try by my friend cara--and i couldn't wait to see how they worked for me. for awhile i was confused as to how they worked. but when i got mine in, it was simple and made sense.

in three easy steps, you're ready to go! (4 in my case, because i use the eyelash curler--the contraption my boys think is the funniest thing and have both mimicked curling their eyelashes.)

they come in this nice little sturdy case. the kind that will be kept safe from being smashed if your 2 year old gets a hold of it..:)

there are 2 wands inside:

moodstruck transplanting gel--after applying your own mascara, let it dry and then apply this

and then the moodstruck natural fibers. these are made from green tea fibers. VIOLA!

here are my results--thanks to my husband for being patient with me and taking a few pictures!

no mascara--you can barely see my lashes

and with the 3d fiber lashes. i've NEVER had lashes like this! i LOVE them! long and thick!

i am hosting an online party, so if you're interested in trying some, by all means, BUY some! these would also make a great birthday or christmas gift!

They are $29 and last for 2-3 months with everyday use. but if you're like me, who doesn't wear make-up everyday, they'll last longer. they're also safe if you wear contacts. If you have any questions, just ask! i hope you enjoy yours! And make sure to check out all the other products younique has to offer!

if you'd like to order from my party, go here! party ends at midnight, september 12th!

thanks to cara--my younique rep!