Thursday, December 15, 2011

photo canvas: easy as 1-2-3

so it's been a LONG time since i've blogged. i'll be honest..i have missed it! in a whirlwind of photo shoots, editing, a little one named tag and just the busyness of the holiday season--i have had no time! not to mention a little guy coming in 2 weeks. yes, that's right...2 weeks!!! we are beyond excited. ready? yes. and no. yes to meet crew, but no in the actual part of preparing for him to be here. it's ok..i have 2 weeks. so don't come early like your brother baby crew ;)

so i have lots of things i'd love to blog about. today is an idea i saw on pinterest a few months ago. i 'pinned' it thinking it would be a great christmas present. not to mention--less than $5. seriously. personal, easy and cheap! chances are if you are hooked on pinterest as i am, you have seen it. so nothing new. but i thought i'd see how it turned out and guess what? well considering i decided to blog about it, i'm sure you already know. it was way too easy and looks really cool. and once again, did i mention cheap?!

what you need:

 i used an 8x10 photo. so i needed an 8x10 canvas. a few foam brushes, glue, water, paint and an empty glass.  i also made the mod podge--which is where the glue and water come in. i had an almost 8 oz bottle of elmer's glue so i used about 8 oz of water. pour both in the glass jar and shake really well. that's it!

First, i painted the sides black. and let it dry. then i applied the mod podge all over the blank canvas. i laid my photo in the center and painted the mod podge all across the photo.

instead of letting the mod podge dry, i went ahead and painted the edges black that way i could blend it into the wet mod. podge. i ended up using dry, clean brushed to help blend it in.

finished product!

One down and a few more to go!! Giving these to great-grandparents as gifts!