Saturday, March 8, 2014

charlotte's headbands: a tutorial--kind of

when we first found out we were having a girl, one of the first things i wanted to do was make headbands!  i'm a huge DIY fan because 1) i enjoy it, and 2) it saves money. a LOT! and who doesn't like to save money? i knew i couldn't just buy every headband i loved, because i was thinking that she'll need a headband for every outfit--and what girl doesn't love to have choices? i know i do. and even though she could care less, i will have fun dressing her up! even though the world of boy has come a long way (in the fashion realm that is), it's a girl's world out there. i remember going shopping for tag the first time and thinking, are you kidding me, this is it? the girls section is HUGE! and these poor boys have plaid or solid..that's it! and even though i enjoy shopping for our boys, it's been so fun to shop for some girly things!

making headbands is super easy. but what makes it even easier, is having the right supplies. so really, this is nothing too helpful i'm sure, but maybe more informal than anything. the first 10 or so i made, i used just regular elastic. the kind you can buy at walmart, or a fabric store for pants. it's alright, but stiff and comes in white or black. i'm a creamy colored girl myself, and love a softer look. i was also using a lot of felt, random clothing scraps, buttons, and material that i had in my craft drawer. which was great because most of it i already had..AKA free. But one evening i thought i'd hop onto etsy to get some actual headband elastic. big mistake. i was in headband heaven. i came across a ton of vendors selling headband supply. i clicked on one with good prices, and as i was browsing her inventory, i realized i 'needed' all these shabby flowers, as well as fun elastic, too. i couldn't believe the prices, too--way cheaper than i thought. free shipping ALWAYS gets me. of course there's usually a catch--spend this much, etc. but it was $20 to spend and you received free shipping. so i kept on adding, and adding..and adding! i couldn't believe all the supply i was getting for $20! 

i received the supplies a few days later, and didn't waste any time getting started. this is my hoard of craft stuff. i had just cleaned our bedroom, so this is neat and tidy for me :)

this is how the shabby flowers came

i just chose the flowers i wanted, and cut as much as the netting off the back, then cut out the elastic. i never measure--i've had a few years experience putting headbands on the newborn girls that come into the studio, that i just estimate. also a plus to buying actual headband elastic--it's much stretchier. a lot of the headbands i buy, i get in 'newborn' size because they'll stretch all the way up to a good year. my boys had small heads, too--so i'm guessing (and hoping) charlotte will as well.

next, just glue! i use good 'ole hot glue

next, glue the elastic to the back of your headband piece

and here's a trick i learned from my friend, vanessa who makes my Little Byrd headbands--felt! it keeps baby's heads comfortable so the elastic won't scratch, and also covers the elastic to make it look nicer.

TA-DA! see? nothing too special, but simple and adorable--and SO easy!

and here, my sweet crew modeling it for me. this one is too big for newborn, but she'll grow into it eventually. and don't worry, he was a willing participant :)

and these, just because :)

another fun and easy headband is the bohemian, AKA "boho" headband. not practical, really. but they're too cute! 

for these, i simply cut a strip of material, a small piece of elastic, and 2 pieces of felt rectangles. i glued the elastic to the headband, and then wrapped and glued the felt around the elastic. i also did it with some of the fun print elastic i bought. i love the aztec look, as well as gold and cream!

here's one of my favorites i've made for charlotte

some of the felt ones i made in the very beginning. i pinned some felt flower tutorials, and they're also very easy to make!

 and felt bows are my favorite, and once again SO easy!

and just some of my favorites i've made for her

so there you have it, my new DIY obsession--making headbands! 

i bought my headband elastic and shabby flowers from:

and if you're not so crafty, or don't want to take the time to make headbands, check out my friend, vanessa's FB page! she custom makes headbands for my newborn clients and loves vintage!