Friday, February 28, 2014

Grocery shopping with 3?!

When crew was born, one of my first thoughts was, "how in the world will I go grocery shopping with two?! A newborn and a 22 month old? Impossible." Well I'm here to tell you that 2 years later, I am a master at grocery shopping with my two very ornery boys. Well, maybe "master" isn't all that accurate. But after about two years of practice, I somewhat enjoy grocery shopping with them. For one, it gets us out of the house. And after the winter we've had, it's like a vacation going to the store with them. Then there's the, "if you do a good job at the store, we'll go get a treat from the coffee shop." That one is mostly for me. But Tag especially understands this. As soon as he stands in the cart or tries to grab something off the shelf, the words barely leave my mouth and he sits back down. Sometimes I leave the store feeling defeated, and sometimes I leave like a queen, with my head held high because my boys didn't embarrass me all that much, and were calm enough for me not to break down and throw a fit myself. Either way, we got out alive. And that's a win in my book! 

today was a big step for Tag. I let tag walk outside of the cart. Big step for both of us, really. Usually, he lasts about 30 seconds before he has to go back into the cart because he continually touches and gropes everything he sees. But today was different. He listened. He strayed a few times, but quickly listened and did what he was told. I was impressed, and proud. I'm sure this won't happened every single trip. But I think he may have just successfully graduated to walking instead of riding. Which made me realize--hey, maybe I can do this with 3 kids! Well..maybe. Just maybe. I definitely give props to all those moms out there who take their kids grocery shopping alone--someone has to do it! I've stared in amazemt as some moms make it look so easy with two or three kids. Kudos to you, moms! I hope I can master shopping as easily with three! When I picture myself taking all three, I envision tears and sweat--from me, not them. But maybe after a few trial runs I can make it--at least with no tears ;) 

This is from a few weeks ago. They love to help put the groceries on the belt (don't judge my overly healthy food choices that week) :)

And these were today's treats--a tiny tim latte for tag, iced buckeye for me, and a wildberry smoothie for crew. A great way to cash in the last of their Beca house gift certificates! 

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  1. Enjoyed the picture and comments... :-) Good job Tag!