Thursday, September 1, 2011

time for a new 'office' :)

as i have had time to be home for a few days without the craziness of photoshoots or mini vacations, i have been itching to do some new things around the house. new things that don't cost money. like re-arranging our furniture, pulling out decor i haven't used in awhile, etc. then it became known to me that i really have nowhere to pay bills, edit pictures, etc. we have 2 spare bedrooms on our main level. one is used as my studio and the other just sits with all my craft stuff and well, a spare bed. i had tried at one time to use the desk in there as my 'office' but i just didn't like it. i love the desk, but it needs to be re-painted another color. and i just didn't really feel the 'office' vibe. needless to say, i ended up back on the couch to pay bills and everything else. i needed a space that screamed, 'i love it'. so today i set out to do so! i used things around the house that we already had. either in other rooms or put away. here's what i came up with. and i have to say, that i do love my new 'office space' :) nothing fancy. just simple and happy. like me.

we took our antique bookshelf (that i LOVE) and put it on top of the built-in-desk in our dining room

 my favorite chair :)

 my little bill oragnizer

 my little owl bowls from hobby lobby..i think i paid like .65 each for them last year!

i used a mayonnaise jar, scrapbook paper, felt and hot glued it together to hold pens, pencils & highlighters

exactly..i LOVE my new space!

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