Monday, September 26, 2011

rainy monday--with a toddler :)

sometimes you just need a rainy day--a day to sit in and be warm and cozy and read or have a marathon of your favorite movies. oh, wait--those days are long gone in this house! his name is tag. you know him. the loud, but oh-so cute little guy that i am constantly chasing around :) he wears me out, but i love him so much :) 

we needed something new to do besides reading his 3 or 4 favorite books over and over.  he keeps himself  pretty well enteratined, but then again there are those times where he is bored..wants something new to keep his attention. so i created a 'board' on pinterest for tag. things that i would like to make for tag or something new to keep him entertained. fingerpaints were it! i figured he might be a little too young to really enjoy it and understand what the heck it was--but i thought i'd give it a chance. and as an added bonus, we made it together--with a few things we already had! tag helped, too. well kinda. tag watched more than anything. he loves to watch people in action. he spends quite a bit of time standing on the chair looking and yelling out the window while watching his daddy and papa working hard next door. it's pretty cute :)

for the fingerpaint, we used:
 1/2 cup cornstarch
3 tablesppons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups water
food coloring

 his ornery expression--this boy cracks me up

 tag helped himself to a wooden spoon and started stirring!
i used a wisk to stir bc the bottom was starting to thicken before everything else. after a few minutes of continual stirring, it thickened--and fast! i pulled it off the heat and put it in a measuring cup

 it makes 2 cups!

 i used some random containers i had with lids. aka--tag's cracker bowls.

 threw in some food coloring, used a popsicle stick and stirred

 viola! that was too easy!

 now it's time for my student to experiment. it was still warm--not hot! just nice and warm and gooey!

 he thought about putting it in his mouth to taste. but he didn't yet. i could see his wheels spinning!

 so mommy showed him what to do. he got the hang of it!

 now it's taste testing time! :) good thing i know what's in it :)


all stored up for next time!