Monday, August 1, 2011

don't you hate it when God proves you wrong?

don't you hate it when God proves you wrong? it's happened to me so many times, you would think that every time i have a bad attitude about doing something or about someone i "think" i know, i would remember that God is in control--and to not be too quick to judge the situation or person. so i try not judge, but by nature, i complain. and what do you know, He goes and proves just how wrong i am!

i don't know when i exactly came to this realization--but i remember after realizing this for the first time, that i wouldn't have negative thoughts towards something i didn't think i wanted to do. and to not judge people only after meeting them for brief second. not everyone makes a great first impression. i remember someone once told me they didn't think they would like me when we first met--they thought i was a snob! i remember being so hurt because i came across that way.

so even thought i realize this and try to put it into practice, it's usually far from what happens. and it always happens right after the fact. right after i think i don't like that person, or right after i am dreading going somewhere to help out, etc. it's like God is right in my face telling me, stop judging!! have patience and do my will. proving me wrong, thus again. the person ends up being one of the kindest people i have ever met, or what i'm doing has me as the perfect person to do it.

ok, ok, i get it, God! it has helped me several times when going into a new situation, remembering--don't be too quick to judge. then i think, remember that one time...and then the bible verse comes to mind:

my dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry..

and that's exactly what happens..i am slow to listen--only listening to automatic reaction--my bad attitude, slow to speak--well that's def. not me. i am always giving my opinion a little too soon--and slow to become angry--yep, i hear something without thinking about it, open my mouth to complain and then become angry. the more i think about this, the more i realize i  do it.

it's one of those things i say i hate, but really i love. i don't like to not like people. i love people. i love talking and getting along with others.  i dis-like doing things that i'm nervous about--things for the first time, but love how God shows me how wonderful new things can be! it also is another way God proves He is real.

i think i really needed this today!


  1. hahaha! I very rarely read blog posts but your title caught my eye with a big fat "DITTO" flag! It's so funny because I love having a patient God who never grows tired of me but man does my sinful nature hate being humbled like that! P.S. No part of you reads as a snob, sometimes folks just get a mis-read. --Becca P.