Tuesday, August 9, 2011

3 men & a little lady

yes, that little lady will be me! i never thought i would be the mom to have boys. i am such a 'girly' girl. i was for sure God was going to give me girls! my heart was set on a girl from before we had tag. i have to admit i was slightly upset when the u/s tech pronounced it was a boy. of course that feeling only lasted a slight second. i saw him moving around and thought, "that's our baby boy!" and as soon as he was safe in my arms on february 22, 2010--i knew he was perfect in every way and can't believe i wanted a girl for even a second!

tag has changed our lives forever! i never knew the joys of having a child until he was actually here. i now completely understand and comprehend the feeling of actually giving your life for you child. i would do that in a heartbeat! just as God did with his son. and now, God has blessed us with another child!

when pregnant with tag, he was the ONLY thing i ever thought about. it was exhausting! i worried about every little thing while pregnant. with this one, i am so occupied with tag, i sometimes forget i'm pregnant! i had thought it would be great to have a girl this time around. but i also kinda wanted a boy. i couldn't believe i wanted a boy this time! i kept on imagining tag with his brother--his best bud. getting into trouble together all the time; tag teaching him all his tricks :) let me tell you, tag is ornery! sooooo ornery! but i love every ornery bone in that little boy's body! there isn't a singe day that goes by where he doesn't make us laugh. he has so much personality and sweetness in him. i can't wait to see what this little guy will be like!

i'm not the kind of person who can wait the entire pregnancy without knowing the sex. i am a planner! that and i have no patience :) i had read in a magazine about the parents getting the sex of their unborn child in a sealed envelope. they give that to their baker (how nice to have a baker, right? although i love to bake so i'd rather do it myself!) then the baker makes a blue or pink cake. they frost the outside so when the parents cut into the cake, they will be surprised. i just loved the idea. and as soon as i finished the sentence, i knew i was going to do something similar. i love to surprise people. so i was set out to make my own surprise reveal in a dessert.

and speaking of surprises, on saturday evening, i getting ready to go to a photo shoot in town when i was scrambling around getting everything together. i looked out the window in passing by and see a van pull up. i thought, "who is here?" then i realized it was my dad and mom! i was in shock for a second before i realized it was real!! thanks mom and dad for coming to surprise me!!

as the big day was approaching, i kept on thinking, "this baby better show itself!" that would be bad to have planned for a big reveal party and the day of he show, he/she decided not to show. but then i thought i would just do yellow instead of pink or blue and just make it a surprise! now that would teach me some patience!
the day came and within a minute of that little scanner rolling around in the gooey warm stuff on my tummy, i saw what i think i saw! i didn't say anything..just waited impatiently as my bladder was about to explode! then the tech. finally said, "would you like to know the sex of the baby?" i said, "is it a boy?!" :) i had seen it a few times already and knew what i saw wasn't the umbilical cord! sure enough, there was our baby boy! crew thomas. he was all over the place--just as tag was. the man who scanned tag commented on how he didn't stop moving the entire time--doing flips and whatnot.  the lady who scanned crew said the same thing about him. my first thought was--"am i in for some trouble or what?!" i have to admit..i can't wait! i can't imagine a more busy, crazy, yet fun-filled and joyous life with my 2 boys!! oh what joys await our family!

i wanted to do something special for our baby. and the surprise, "it's a..." party was just what i wanted to do for our little crew. i was so excited. i made a list of all the little details i wanted:  a flag banner, wild flowers, pics of me and crew (in he womb of course) and some tasty treats! not a lot, but just enough! i think i spent a total of less than $10 in decorations! i got the yellow plates and cups from dollar tree along with the white ribbon to hang the banner. the flag banner was made from scrapbook pages bought from hobby lobby--.59 each! the flags in the cupcakes were from the same scrapbook paper. the balloons were from hobby lobby. the 2 pictures i had of crew/i and tag kissing crew were all free from a printing company throughg my photography business-perfect timing, too because they had just come that day!! the flowers were wild-growing right next to our house and the glasses they were in were ours. then the final touch was the ultrasound pics of crew--all but the one saying , "boy". he was in fact our guest of honor ;)

 the cupcakes :)

 the main attraction

 yummy, white chocolate covered pretzel rods

i loved the wild flowers & that pic of crew and i :)

everyone was here and it was time to pass out the cupcakes. i told everyone to take a big bite into the cupcake and they would see what we were having...i must say, their reactions were priceless and exactly what i was hoping for..pure joy!

grandma & grandpa byrd

 aunts, cousins & tag

 great-grandma byrd & don

great-grandma & great-grandpa bardon

the evidence :)

 my handsome hubby, beautiful son & crew & i ;)
i LOVE my little family!!
thank you, God! :)

he is going to be one awesome big brother!!

i just love how this picture turned out!! his expression is priceless!!

we can't wait to meet you crew! you are such a blessing!!


  1. Love love love! You are the most creative person I know! :)

  2. I really enjoyed reading this Becca. Now I'll be hooked! Congrats again!

  3. Awesome way to tell your family!! And I love the decorations! Yay for baby Crew!!