Tuesday, August 30, 2011

cajun shrimp pasta

so i haven't blogged for awhile..we have been super busy.  my august has been wonderful, but somewhat of a blur! in the meantime, i have joined the world of pinterest. i must admit that i love it. i'm all about crafting and d.i.y. as is the hubs (the d.i.y. that is!) i love all the artsy pictures of everything on that site from actual photography to FOOD :) as previsouly mentioned in another blog post, when i'm searching for a new recipe, i look with my eyes first. always click 'images' on google..then choose the recipe that looks the most appealing to me. has worked every time. now that i'm on pinterest, i'm going to gain a massive amount of weight..besides the growing baby in my belly of course ;)

so tonight...ahem..4:00 today (i was starving!) i decided to go ahead and make a recipe that i found on pinterest. i searched for shrimp pasta last night and there was this one image that had been repinned a lot..and for good reason. the recipe was called, 'crsispy shrimp pasta' it looked delish..and had a cajun/creole spice in the sauce..i was drooling. was glad i was in dire need to grocery shop today bc i never keep shrimp, cream or cajun season on hand.

here's my spin on this delish, and oh-so-easy pasta:

  • 1/2 cup half & half (the orig. recipe called for heavy cream--but every pasta dish i have made with it leaves a residue of fat on my lips..ugh! that and 1/2 and 1/2 is way less fat and calories..not that i'm counting them :)
  • 1 cup chicken stock (i use bullion cubes--cheaper!) so 1 cube to 1 cup hot water
  • 2 T butter--orig. recipe called for 1 T
  • 1 T oil (i use canola and didn't measure)
  • creole/cajun seasoning--i used weber new orlean's cajun seasoning and didn't measure..just to taste
  • parm. cheese--not in the orig. recipe
  • salt/pepper on shrimp
  • frozen shrimp..the un-cooked. i used half a bag. thawed
  • flour to cover shrimp
  • 1 roma tomato--optional (not in the orig. recipe)
  • cooked pasta--i used angel hair spaghetti
first, melt the butter and oil in skillet, add shrimp. cook on both sides 2-3 min. or until brown
remove shrimp from pan.

deglaze the pan by adding the chicken stock, cream and cajun seasonings. simmer for a few minutes. add parm. cheese stir. taste to see if you want more seasoning, salt, etc.
add the tomatoes, then the shrimp.
Add your cooked pasta to the skillet and viola!

i enjoyed every bite!!


  1. Looks wonderful..I'm avoiding Pintrest for fear I may never leave the internet :)

  2. haha! you are WISE!! everything on that site is just beautiful!