Sunday, October 28, 2012

a little farm

what an adventurous time we had yesterday! it was our town's trick-or-treat. and since the kids aren't really old enough to trick-or-treat, really, we dressed them up and paraded them around to grandparents' houses. we had a blast. by the end, us moms (who just happen to be 2 of my favorite girls) took a deep breath, exhaled, and ate a some junk food (thanks, teena!) not that we hadn't already eaten some delicious chili for supper, cappuccino & scotcharoos at lori's, and more candy at barb's. but seriously, who's going to say "no" to cheesecake. not me. not ever.

our first stop was micah's parent's house. the kids went straight to the dog cage! we had scotcharoos & cappuccino. yummmm. we spent some time having a good laugh at the kiddos!

our next stop was mallory's parent's house! the kids had fun going up and down the stairs! they even played with toys..along with eating some more candy..

then we ran to micah's grandma's house quick to say hello!
great-grandma byrd & crew

our little lamb fell fast asleep on the way to the bowman's 

after we left her house, we made it to our final destination. brenna's parent's house. we were greeted with lots of food. junk food! my favorite kind. the kids ran around and had a lot of fun playing. 

my 3 guys!

so sweet

we all had such a fun time yesterday and created great memories! here are some more pics from our adventures!
my sweetie pie!

cutest twins ever

ava, the pig

cooper, the cow

loves the stairs

a farmer & his sheep

my sweet babies


  1. What a fun day!!!! Cute little boys!

  2. Adorable costumes! That is the cutest little theme for kiddos ever! I love that 'tractor' picture of the boys!