Friday, July 22, 2011

17 months..and counting!

so today my BABY is 17 months old...tear! when i was pregnant, people would tell me all the time, "they grow up so fast! enjoy every second." i would kind of laugh and smile..and think, yeah i're only the 20th person to tell me that today! well if i had a dime for every time i told a new pregnant friend or new mom that same thing, i would all those other moms out there :)  it's SO, SO true, and you can't comprehend that feeling of, "where did the last year and a half go?" scratch that. the last 2 years. it seems like yesterday micah and i were in the ultrasound room hearing the tech. say, "there's your little boy!" i can still remember the tear coming down my face and thinking..that's our little boy..the little boy that at the time we had no clue how much of an impact he would make on our lives. our tag :) our crazy, non-stop, full of life, smiley, and never-ending joy, tag :)

10.05.10 - the first time we saw you :) 18 weeks

3 weeks old and my love for our tag over-flowing!!

last summer..and now this summer i can't get him to stop running around the pool to get in!
12 weeks old :)

micah's 1st father's day and one of my favorite pictures:)
we went to lake erie for the weekend with friends!

nothing more to say..our greatest blessing. period.

just turned 1!

one of my favorites!!

as i was looking through the mass amount of pictures in the 'tag' folder on our desktop, i may have shed a few tears. it is so unreal how the last almost year and a half has gone by so fast! how our world changed in a blink of an eye and how it will never be the same. we are so blessed and thankful for our son. he has brought unspeakable, unthinkable amounts of joy and laughter to our lives. i can't imagine being able to have our cup over-flow once again with another baby byrd on the way!! i will take the advice of past  moms who have said it to me, and from myself when i say to new moms..."THEY GROW UP SO FAST. ENJOY EVERY SECOND" and we will :)

love for baby byrd 


  1. Aww Becca this was so sweet and made me tear up a little. Tag is so cute and I am so happy for you guys!!! <3 They do grow up so fast, it's absolutely crazy. :)

  2. Yay! What a cute post! :) and boy! Love that little guy of yours. Just wish I could meet him someday! And it is crazy I didn't think I could love the 2nd as much as my 1st. It's unbelievable how it works. Praise Jesus our hearts can hold all of that ove! :)

  3. i think a vacation to ohio needs to be in order ;)